“when i was 16 years old, I decided I wanted to be a film maker…

The reasons were simple and clear.

Number 1: I suddenly understood - film was a visual, audio and psychological extravaganza of my favourite thing - storytelling. What a glorious medium - film combined every form of art! How exciting to create an artwork that held living people as the canvasses for emotion and thought.

Number 2: Film could help me to tell stories about my favourite person in all the galaxies and dimensions - Jesus! Film could help me as a tool, to express the joy, love and gratitude I feel towards the one who has saved me, and who continues to save me daily. It is only through the strength and help that He provides that I can achieve anything at all in this life.

So, after years of working in stable but limiting Marketing & Media positions for various companies, making short clips and trying painfully to figure out Google Adwords, I went freelance to do what I’ve always dreamed of doing - exploring the wild and limitless world of filmmaking.

That was in 2015 and I’ve been adventuring ever since…”

Photos, clockwise from left to right: Myco Powder shoot in Zambia 2017; Action Aid UK Christmas Campaign in Uganda 2018; The Pitch Finalist Application Video; The Worst Bedtime Story Shoot, Eastern Cape SA 2015; India Travel video 2016; Airbnb experiences Shoot SA 2018. Centre: Marie Claire Naked Edition Shoot 2018.